General information on the counselling centre

The Frauenberatungsstelle/Eß-oEß is a counselling centre for psychological and social issues and a meeting place for women.

The counselling work of the Frauenberatungsstelle focusses on a variety of different core themes. If required we will work with language mediators.

Counselling focusing on psychosocial issues

We offer general counselling and psychological help for women who are in a difficult psychological or social situation, who experience a problematic time, a period of emergency or crisis and who need support. The counselling is open to any woman.

Help for eating disorders

The project Eß-o-Eß focusses on counselling for women troubled by eating disorders or those who have problems with eating. The offer includes individual counselling and specific group settings for women and young girls suffering from anorexia, bulimia, food addiction or disordered eating behavior. Family members and supporters can also find help. Furthermore the project covers prevention and information work.

Counselling for pregnant women

The counselling centre is approved by the State as Pregnancy Conflict Counseling Centre. We counsel and support women during pregnancy and if they are in conflict with their pregnancy. Following the counselling you will receive a document confirming the attended counselling.

Help when experiencing domestic violence

In cooperation with the Frauenberatungsstelle LERCHE we offer counselling in case of domestic violence. We carry out pro-active counselling in line with the Violence Protection Act (in the district Mettenhof) and we support women who are threatened, beaten, injured or humiliated by their partner.

Counselling pursuant § 16a SGB II

We offer psychological help and counselling in the context of § 16a SGB II to women who benefit from ALG II and who experience a problematic situation, suffer from an eating disorder or respectively have problems with eating or weight.

You may seek our advice

  • when you need support in a problematic situation or psychological crisis and seek for expert counselling
  • when you feel unable to cope or are discontent and need help
  • when you suffer from psychological symptoms (such as depressive moods, fears, etc.) or eating disorders
  • if you are looking for a group where you can speak about your problems and where you could find support
  • if you would like to meet and get to know other women.

Feel welcome to contact us if you are in need of help and support. Please dial 0431 – 524241 or come directly for our open consultation from Monday to Friday from 10 to 12 o’clock in Kurt-Schumacher-Platz 5, 24109 Kiel.